Feet of Compassion

At Hands of Compassion, we believe in taking care of our bodies through exercise.

Whether you’re a beginner and want to start a good lifestyle of exercise or a seasoned athlete, these runs are open to everyone!


We have a run and walk club that meets every Saturday at 7am at the Main Gate at Hands of Compassion, Lanseria.

Distances: 5km and 8km.


At our Medal Runs, everyone who runs or walks 5km or 8km gets a medal. And yes, we keep times as well as celebrate the Top 3!

These Medal Runs take place on specific dates advertised on social media.

We meet at 7am at The Neighbourhood at Hands of Compassion, Lanseria. We’d love to see you there!

Distances: 5km and 8km.

Contact: alanm@rhema.co.za

So I run with purpose in every step. (1 Corinthians 10:26)