Programmes at a Glance

A list of some of the programmes we do at Hands of Compassion.

Recovery Programme

The Rhema Recovery Programme is a halfway house for recovering substance abusers. It is a six-month live-in programme.

After being at a rehab or imprisoned it is very difficult for anyone to face the hardships of the outside world.  Our community offers spiritual and emotional discipleship. 

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New Mothers

The New Mothers Project offers a place of safety and love for mothers needing support.  It accommodates pregnant mothers as they wait to give birth.  Life skills training prepare the new moms to make the right choices for their new born babies. It is important at this critical time of their lives to be part of a supportive and caring community.

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Our registered children’s home serves as a place of safety for children in need of care, placed with us by the Children’s Court.

Hands of Compassion Children’s Home is part of our Community in Lanseria and accommodates 36 children.

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Relief at HOC

We assist those in need through poverty alleviation and disaster relief.

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Read about our Chefs’ Programme – a 2 year live-in theoretical and practical training course for aspiring chefs.

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We believe that everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, age , economic status or gender. Sadly there is much gender based discrimination and violence in our communities. GEMA was birthed to address this and to work for a world where men and women are given equal respect and opportunities. We provide resources for churches, organizations and individuals to equip them to become agents of equality and justice.

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Feet of Compassion

At Hands of Compassion, we believe in taking care of our bodies through exercise.

Whether you’re a beginner and want to start a good lifestyle of exercise or a seasoned athlete, These runs are open to everyone!

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The Neighbourhood
A project birthed over 20 years ago including;

  • Youth training centre
  • 300 seater multisite
  • Classrooms
  • Soccer field,
  • Gym and running trail
  • Offices

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Health Care Clinics

The Hands of Compassion Clinic, in partnership with the Department of Health, operates five days a week and provides primary health care. The Clinic is staffed by the Department of Health.  Approximately 500 patients are attended to daily.

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Hands of Compassion at Rhema
Soup kitchens and bible study are held daily at the Church for people living on the streets.  Counselling and assistance are given to anyone in need.

Our Food and Clothing Depot receives clothing and food from our congregation members which in turn are distributed to the poor.

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