Relief at HoC

Poverty Alleviation

Hands of Compassion assists those in need. We provide assistance through food vouchers, transport, building materials, and educational costs, such as school fees, stationery, and uniforms.

We also re-distribute resources. We have a team on standby to collect donated furniture, appliances, clothing, food, etc., in the greater Johannesburg area. Once collected, donations are sorted and used at Hands of Compassion or distributed to other organisations, ministries and individuals. You will be surprised how many people are blessed by what you may no longer want or need. Please contact us if you would like to give in this way.

Disaster Response

The poor are often most vulnerable when they are victims of a disaster and it is in times of crisis that we are called to respond with compassion – a compassion that is demonstrated in a practical way to alleviate suffering by providing food, blankets, clothes and at times building materials.

In partnership with other relief organizations we respond to people in crisis as a result of fires, floods, evictions or other disasters.

Stories from our people

One Friday evening in February we received a phone call from a distraught lady telling us that a group of people had just been evicted from where they were living (close to HOC). She had seen our vehicles in the area and looked up our number.  We visited the site of the eviction and decided to help accommodate about twenty people at the HOC farm.  We worked late into the night in conjunction with the local disaster management committee, to get some of the people settled into a few of our vacant bedrooms and a hastily erected army tent.  Through the help of an attorney, our guests were able to take their case to court, which decided  that their eviction was illegal and ordered that their original accommodation be re-instated.

It was a blessing to hear that during their stay with us, many had been ministered to, and some of them had experienced God’s love.

“It seems that God was blessing us while we stayed on the church’s property, as some of us found jobs during this time”, commented some of the people.

. . . learn to do good. Seek justice: help the oppressed; defend the orphan; plead for the widow. (Isaiah 1:17)